Best Eid Dress Ideas: 6 Amazing Dresses You Must Try

Top 6 Trendy Eid Dresses You Must Try

Eid-ul-Fitr is a day of happiness, blessing, and harmony. Isn’t it?
It’s a grand celebration after Ramzan. The day starts with prayer and ends with an enormous meal including delicious sweets, fruits and other foodstuffs. 
Is this Eid celebration complete with prayer & food only?
Not a single celebration is complete without new clothes. 
Women look for Eid dresses to appear as the best in family get-togethers.
In order to make your celebration the most memorable one, we’ve brought these stunning collections.

Sharara Suit
Sharara sharara sharara sharara
Sharara sharara main hoon ek sharara (a song of Hindi Cinema, popularly known as Bollywood).

Yes, that’s the magic of the sharara suit. When you wear it, you’ll get lost in its style and embellishments.
Ready to get a regal look in just a minute. Here are your sharara sets specially designed for Eid. We bet ‌people will talk about your dress in the days to come.

Anarkali Suit

Festive season without an Anarkali dress? Noway! 

Floor length Anarkali suit gives you an elegant look and magnifies your festive charm. Anarkali, the name itself, gives a royal feeling. Do you know the story behind the Anarkali dress? Anarkali was a courtesan in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar. History says that she had an affair with prince Salim, later on known as the Emperor Jahangir. Unfortunately, their love story couldn’t continue further and ended tragically. However, her love and dress were immortalized. And from that period, the Anarkali dress trend started. 

Want to carry a royal look at Ramadan and Eid festivals? Go for Anarkali dress. Its rich embroidery work and heavy flare will enhance your beauty. You may be slim or fat, that doesn’t matter. Anarkali dress flatters anybody.  

Ready for a majestic look? Here are a few of your designer floor length Anarkali suits for the special occasion. 

Pakistani Suit

Why are Pakistani suits so popular? Pakistani suits are popular because of their fabric, design and pattern. These suits are available in various fabrics, like georgette, cotton, silk, and satin. 

Georgette fabric is made from pure silk. Besides pure silk, this fabric can also be produced from other synthetic fibers like viscose, polyester, and rayon. Silk georgette is breathable, and comfortable to wear in all seasons.

Cotton suits are lightweight and comfortable, ideal for any season. You can wear cotton suits every day, as they are comfortable to wear for long hours. 

Silk is the most loved and luxurious fabric, good for your skin. Silk Pakistani suits give a royal elegance look, ideal for celebrations. 

Satin fabric is soft, strong, and durable, that doesn’t form wrinkles. Satin suits are good for your skin, but not suitable for summer.

Satin fabric is soft, strong, and durable, that doesn’t form wrinkles. Satin suits are good for your skin, but not suitable for summer.

Satin fabric is soft, strong, and durable, that doesn’t form wrinkles. Satin suits are good for your skin, but not suitable for summer.
Choosing the right fabric matters a lot. You can choose any fabric that you like, but it’s ideal to select a fabric that is compatible with your skin.

Churidar Suit

A churidar suit is an Indian ethnic wear worn by women teamed with a kurti or tunic. Churidars are tight-fitting trousers that flaunt your leg in shape. You can walk comfortably and carry your personality with a churidar suit. 

Palazzo Suit

Palazzo suits are the most comfortable and elegant wear. Add this unique design suit to your wardrobe to make your Eid extra special. You will love this breathtaking embroidery design palazzo suit. Flared style palazzo pants and a long kurti will give you a stylish look plus a confident feel. 


Indian Gowns are full length, loose flowing dresses comfortable to wear on all occasions. Whether it’s Ramadan or Eid you will look great in this outfit. Let’s make your day special by our peculiar collection of gowns.

Fancy Saree

What about fancy sarees on Eid? Explore yourself with some colorful floral print sarees with embroidery work. Saree is always an elegant choice for any festive celebration. This Eid, drape yourself with designer fancy sarees and compel people to turn their heads. 


Celebrate your Eid with lots of happiness and blessings. Enjoy your special day with healthy eatables and gorgeous Eid dresses.

Planning for an Eid dress takes time. Why not plan it today?

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