Sharara Suit – The Trending Outfit in the Fashion World

Sharara Suits

Do you have that?

That anxiety about getting ready for a party or function?
You want to look something different. You want to be in the spotlight but are unsure what to wear. You tried many dresses, still not satisfied with your look.


You know which dress suits you. You know in which outfit you feel comfortable.
But there is a little bit of hesitation in your mind. Whether you will be noticeable at the party? Whether your look is perfect for that party?
Huh! Lots of confusion, hesitation, and anxiety.
Relax! Listen to some of your favorite music and feel excited about your party.
Talk to your friend or seniors about your pre-party anxiety.
Even you can talk to us about your outfit selection. We’ll be happy to help you.
Okay. Let’s drive away your anxiety a little bit. 
Do you like the sharara suit?
I bet you’ll love it after reading this post.

What is Sharara?

The sharara suit is a three-pair ensemble consisting of a kameez, long or short in length, and a dupatta. The bottom is the main attraction of this ensemble. It’s a flared pant carrying simple prints, zari, or embroidery work. Another appeal of this ensemble is its embroidered dupatta. Women all over the world prefer to wear their favorite color sharara suit set at different parties and functions.  

Where Did Sharara Suit Come From?

This Sharara suit originated in the Mughal Empire and became the royal class attire of women of that period. Since then Sharara became popular amongst Pakistani and Muslim women across the globe. It came to India with the arrival of the Mughals. Sharara became more popular in India when it was featured in Bollywood movies during the 1970s and 80s.   

Why Are Sharara Dresses So Popular?

Sharara dresses are popular because of their flowy designs, multiple crafts, and graceful look. Sharara suits came to India in a rich and royal form. The transition of the sharara suit from a rich and royal form to an ultra-modern made it the most sought-after suit. Its exquisite combination of stonework, mirror work, embroideries, beads work, and so on lifted the demand for sharara suits across the globe.

Want to Know About the Fabric Used in the Sharara Suit?

Georgette, silk, chiffon, net, velvet, and cotton are the most popular fabrics used in sharara suits. Whatever may be the fabrics, sharara suits will provide you with a graceful and stunning look.

But, for which occasions Sharara is the best outfit?

Sharara is the best outfit for weddings, parties, and functions. A heavily designed sharara is the best choice for weddings, whereas a lightweight sharara is suitable for parties and functions. Whether it’s a party or wedding you will surely steal the spotlight with your designer sharara suit.

The Pairing of the Sharara Suit

Sharara with Short kurti

You can pair a short kurti with sharara pants to flaunt at parties. Choose embroidery and mirror work and experiment with colors. 

Sharara with Long Kurti

If you’re at a good height, you can enhance your look with long kurtis and sharara pants. Long kurtis with thread, jari embroidery, and moti work are the perfect outfit for weddings and festivals. Try this type of pairing and explore your look.

Bottom line

So what did you feel after reading this post?
Are you convinced to upgrade your closet with a sharara dress?
You should look different. Your attire should stand out from the crowd. People must talk about your unique look at the party. But for that, you need to select the right outfit. 
You feel confident at parties when you look perfect.
No hesitation, no uncomfortableness, no anxiety.
Add a sharara suit into your closet and drive away all the pre-party dressing anxieties. 

Will you?

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